Sunday, December 21, 2014

Career GHHTs: Rick Tocchet

 By most accounts, mine included,  Rick Tocchet accumulated the most career Gordie Howe Hat Tricks of any player, including Stan Mikita.  Tocchet earned GHHTs with five different franchises, including nine with the Philadelphia Flyer.  Tocchet's best year for GHHTs 1986-87, when he had three GHHTs.  All 18 of Tocchet's GHHTs were during the regular season.  He averaged a GHHT every 64 games but yet never got one during 143 play-off games.  For his career, Tocchet scored 440 goals, 952 points and 2972 PIM.  Tocchet was the quintessential power forward.  A player who could score, but who would also physically intimidate the opposing team, just like Goride Howe.

1816/12/2000PHINJDW1235GAFRandy McKay
1701/04/1998PHX@MDAW1125FGADavid Karpa
1619/12/1997PHX@MDAW1239FAGDavid Karpa
1512/10/1996BOS@SJSW1125FGAAl Iafrate
1422/01/1995LAKEDML1129GFAKelly Buchberger
1306/11/1993PIT@LAKL1127AGFRob Murphy
1223/10/1993PITSTLT1127GAFGarth Butcher
1123/11/1992PIT@NYRW1237AFGKris King
1017/11/1992PITBUFW2135AGFBrad May
918/02/1991PHICHIW1127AFGDave Manson
823/11/1990PHITORW11217GAFLuke Richardson
711/11/1989PHI@NJDW2247GAFKen Daneyko
604/12/1988PHINJDW1129AGFClaude Loiselle
515/01/1987PHIMTLW1125FGADavid Maley
403/01/1987PHI@WshW1127GFAKevin Hatcher
316/10/1986PHIVanW1125FAGMichel Petit
209/03/1986PHI@NYRW1125AGFGeorge McPhee
105/01/1985PHI@StlW1235GAFJim Pavese

Friday, December 19, 2014

Season in Review: 2008-09

  There were 20 GHHTs in 2008-09.  Corey Perry was the only player to have more than one.  Perry had one in the regular season, and one during the play-offs.  There were three nights with two GHHTs, twice by players in different games, and once by teammates.  The teammates were Luke Schenn and Jamal Mayers, who both got a GHHT in a losing cause for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  David Clarkson earned himself a GHHT and then a few weeks later was the fight opponent for Brent Seabrook`s GHHT.  Teams with GHHTs were 16-4, including 2-0 in the play-offs.

Corey PerryRW12/05/2009ANADETW11217AGFBrian Rafalski
Ryan GetzlafC27/04/2009ANASJSW1127FAGJoe Thornton
Luke SchennD03/04/2009TOR@PHIL1125FGAScott Hartnell
Jamal MayersRW03/04/2009TOR@PHIL1125FAGAndrew Alberts
Zdeno CharaD31/03/2009BOSTBLW1127FGAEvgeny Artyukhin
Paul GaustadC27/03/2009BUFTORW11210AGFJamal Mayers + Pavel Kubina
Brent SeabrookD27/03/2009CHINJDW1125FAGDavid Clarkson
David ClarksonRW28/02/2009NJDFLAW1127AGFNick Tarnasky
Shea WeberD28/02/2009NSHDETW1125AFGAndreas Lilja
Chris StewartRW21/01/2009COLLAKL1127FAGSean O'Donnell
Mike ComrieC29/12/2008NYI@NYRL1125FAGNigel Dawes
Jamie LangenbrunnerRW12/12/2008NJDNYRW1127AGFRyan Callahan
Maxim LapierreC04/12/2008MTLNYRW1125AGFPetr Prucha
Shawn HorcoffC29/11/2008EDM@STLW1235FAGDavid Backes
Brandon DubinskyC24/11/2008NYRPHXW1125FGADaniel Carcillo
Troy BrouwerRW09/11/2008CHICGYW1125AFGBrandon Prust
Ryane CloweRW04/11/2008SJSMINW1127AGFEric Reitz
Corey PerryRW25/10/2008ANA@MTLW1237AFGFrancis Bouillon
Ian LaperriereRW23/10/2008COLEDMW11217GAFZac Stortini
Jarome IginlaRW14/10/2008CGYCOLW1125FGACody McCormick

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Career GHHTs: Keith Tkachuk

  Keith Tkachuk was one of the premier power forwards during the 1990s.  Tkachuk led the league in goals in 1996-97 with 52.  He also accumulated 228 PIM; making him the the fourth, and so far, last player to have over 50 goals and 200 PIM in a single season.  Tkachuk had all of his 10 career GHHTs with the Winnipeg/Phoenix franchise.  In 1998-99 Tkachuk had three GHHTs, including one during the play-offs.  Twice, Tkachuk had his fight of his GHHT, immediately after assisting on a goal.  Once versus Jayson More, and then a few years later against Petr Svoboda. 

1028-318LW09/02/2001PHXEDMW1125GFAEric Brewer
928-208LW22/10/2000PHX@EDMT1127GAFJason Smith
827-028LW25/04/1999PHX@STLW1127FGARicard Persson
727-004LW01/04/1999PHX@CGYW1127FGADenis Gauthier
626-256LW09/12/1998PHXMTLW11217AGFAlain Nasreddine
524-287LW09/01/1997PHXDETL1127AFGJamie Pushor
423-360LW22/03/1996WINPHIW13415GAFPetr Svoboda
322-301LW23/01/1995WINCHIW11215GAFSteve Smith (NFM)
221-247LW30/11/1993WIN@LAKW1345FAGDoug Houda
120-268LW21/12/1992WINSJSW1235AFGJayson More

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Career GHHTs: Brian Sutter

  Brian Sutter is among the career leaders in Gordie Howe Hat Tricks.  Sutter racked up 17 GHHTs in his career.  He also had a rare Dual Hat Trick on November 16, 1982 against the New jersey Devils, scoring 3 goals, an assist and a fight - all in the same game.  He had 2 GHHTs in a single play-off series, including one in game 5, in a best of 5 series, against the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1982.  Sutter's best season was in 1982-83, he scored 46 goals, 76 points, 254 PIM and 3 GHHTs.  Sutter played his entire career with the St. Louis Blues, scoring 303 goals, 636 points, 1786 PIM in 779 games.  He also added 21 goals, 42 points, 249 PIM in 65 play-off games.

05/04/1978STL@LAKW11212Mike Murphy + Dave TaylorAFG
16/01/1979STLBosW1125Terry O'ReillyFGA
30/01/1979STLLAKW1237Randy HoltGFA
09/10/1979STL@VanW11212John Hughes + Lars LindgenFAG
11/04/1981STL@PitW11211George FergusonFGA
14/04/1981STLPitW1125Randy CarlyleFGA
30/12/1981STL@TorW1127Bob McGillGAF
11/04/1982STLWinW2249Dave Babych (NFM)GFA
16/11/1982STLNJDW3149Garry HowattAFG
23/12/1982STLTorW1125Barry MelroseFGA
12/02/1983STLNJDW11217Yvon VautourGAF
03/01/1984STLTorW2247Stewart GavinAFG
18/03/1984STL@WshW1127Bob GouldFAG
14/10/1984STL@LAKW1347Terry RuskowskiFAG
04/04/1985STLNYRL1125Mark PavelichFAG
02/11/1985STLDetT21311Joey KocurGAF
26/12/1985STLChiW1127Jerry DupontFAG

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Season in Review; 1980-81

   There were 49 regular season Gordie Howe Hat Tricks plus another 13 during the play-offs in 1980-81.  Bob Bourne, Tim Higgins, Rick Middleton, Dave Taylor and Ryan Walter each had two during the regular season.  Rick Middleton was a finalist for the Lady Byng in 1980-81 and had a total of 16 PIM.  Tim Higgins had two in three games.  Dave Taylor had both of his against the Colorado Rockies.  Brian Sutter had two during the play-offs, both during a five game series against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Ron Flockhart and Michel Galarneau scored their first career goal during their GHHT.  During the play-offs, on April 9, 1981, the Boston Bruins and Minnesota North Stars combined for three GHHTs, with Brad Maxwell and Bobby Smith of the Stars, along with Brad Park of the Bruins notching GHHTs.  Park and Smith fought each other during the game.  It was the only time in 1980-81, players earning a GHHT had the fight against each other in the same game.  In another play-off game, Michel Goulet and Peter Stastny both each had a natural GHHT during the third period.  In that game, the Quebec Nordiques beat the Philadelphia Flyers 2-0. The Detroit Red Wings were the only team without a GHHT, while the Buffalo Sabres and Vancouver Canucks were the only teams without a GHHT against them.  The record of teams with a GHHT was 47-12-3, for a .782 win percentage.

Rick Middleton09/10/1980BosNYRW1127Mario MariosGAF
Anders Hedberg11/10/1980NYR@TorW1347Laurie BoachmanGFA
Orest Kindrachuk11/10/1980PitWinW2247Al CameronGFA
Dave Taylor18/10/1980LAKClrW1125Merlin MalinowskiGAF
Laurie Boschman18/10/1980TorPhiW12320Paul HolmgremGAF
Ryan Walter19/10/1980Wsh@ChiL2135Dave HutchinsonAFG
Dan Geoffrion31/10/1980WinPitL1127Mike BullardAGF
Wilf Paiement09/11/1980Tor@WinW2137Morris LukowichGFA
Paul Coffey16/11/1980Edm@ChiW1127Rich PrestonAFG
Tom Rowe16/11/1980Har@NYRL1127Dave MaloneyGAF
Glen Sharpley19/11/1980Min@PitW1125Ross LonsberryGFA
Ted Bulley22/11/1980Chi@MinW1125Paul ShmyrGAF
Michel Galarneau28/11/1980HarEdmW1235John HughesAFG
Danny Gare30/11/1980BufClrW1125Rob RamageGFA
Perry Turnbull02/12/1980StlQueW11217John WensinkAFG
Rick Vaive06/12/1980TorQueW1127Normand RochefortFAG
Rob Ramage06/12/1980Clr@WshL1127Paul MulveyGFA
Bob Kelly07/12/1980Wsh@BosL1125Al SecordGFA
Larry Patey13/12/1980StlClrW1125Rob RamageGAF
Denis Maruk21/12/1980Wsh@PhiW11225Frank BatheGAF
Jean Pronovost21/12/1980Wsh@PhiW21325Bill BarberAGF
Mario Trembley27/12/1980MtlWshW11211Jim McTaggertGAF
Tiger Williams28/12/1980VanStlL1125Wayne BabychGAF
Tom McCarthy30/12/1980MinPhiW1235Bob DaileyGAF
Paul Holmgrem04/01/1981Phi@WshW1127Yvon LabreAGF
Pat Boutette10/01/1981Har@WinW1127Dave BabychFAG
Eric Vail15/01/1981CalDetW1235Willie HuberAGF
Tim Higgins15/01/1981ChiBosW11211Brad McCrimmonGFA
Blair Chapman17/01/1981StlEdmW1125Dave HunterGAF
Paul Gardner17/01/1981PitLAKW11225Jay WellsAFG
Tim Higgins18/01/1981ChiQueW1127Andre DupontFAG
Al Secord22/01/1981ChiMtlW2137Chris NilanAFG
Terry Martin22/01/1981Tor@LAKT1125Jay WellsGAF
Keith Crowder26/01/1981BosClrW1125Ed CooperAGF
Doug Lecuyer29/01/1981Win@BosL1125Brad ParkAGF
Peter Stastny07/02/1981QuePhiW1127Mel BridgmanAGF
Larry Robinson14/02/1981MtlWshW12319Alan HangslebenAGF
Ken Houston25/02/1981CalNYIW1127Clark GilliesAFG
Ray Bourque26/02/1981BosMinW1137Al MacAdamFAG
Rick Middleton26/02/1981BosMinW2135Ron ZanussiGFA
Darren Veitch28/02/1981Wsh@StlL1125Brian SutterAFG
Ron Flockhart28/02/1981Phi@MinW1129Al MacAdamGFA
Mark Messier04/03/1981Edm@NYRT2135Chris KotsopoulosFGA
Bob Bourne11/03/1981NYI@WinW2135Dan GeoffrionAGF
Bob MacMillan21/03/1981Cal@BosL1127Stan JonathanFGA
Bob Bourne22/03/1981NYI@ChiW1129Tim HigginsGAF
Don Maloney28/03/1981NYR@MtlW1125Chris NilanAGF
Ryan Walter29/03/1981WshNYIL1127Bob NystromFAG
Dave Taylor04/04/1981LAKClrT2137Randy PierceAGF

Paul Holmgrem08/04/1981PhiQueW11219Kim ClacksonAGF
Brad Park09/04/1981BosMinL1349Bobby SmithGFA
Marcel Dionne09/04/1981LAKNYRW1125Ed HospodorGFA
Brad Maxwell09/04/1981Min@BosW1127Stan JonathanFGA
Bobby Smith09/04/1981Min@BosW1127Brad ParkGAF
Ulf Nilsson09/04/1981NYR@LAKL1129Dan BonarFAG
Peter Stastny11/04/1981QuePhiW1125Ken LinsemanAGF
Michel Goulet11/04/1981QuePhiW1125Paul HolmgremGAF
Brian Sutter11/04/1981Stl@PitW11211George FergusonFGA
Brian Sutter14/04/1981StlPitW1125Randy CarlyleFGA
Hector Marini16/04/1981NYIEdmW1235Mark MessierFGA
Steve Vickers20/04/1981NYRStlW2137Larry PateyFAG
Glen Cochrane22/04/1981PhiCalW11214Jim Peplinski (x2)GFA

  I researched the 1980-81 season using the hockey summary project, along with and  On some specific GHHTs, or non-GHHTs, I gather information via google searches.

Special thanks to trottiertobossy and Eric Hornick for helping me research a potential GHHT by Dennis Potvin.  On December 16/1980, an altercation occurred between Denis Potvin and Tim Trimper.  It was listed as a fight by but Trimper was noted as not receiving a fighting major.  Any newspaper articles I found on the game didn't mention the actual penalties.  I had already removed 2 GHHTs when researching altercations between two players where one doesn't receive a major and this one became the third.  trottiertobossy posted a fan's scorecard from the game that lists Potvin's major as a butt-ending major.