Saturday, December 7, 2019

Career GHHTs: Jarome Iginla

  Jarome Iginla might be the last great Gordie Howe Hat Tricker.  Jarome retired with 12 career GHHTs, which matches the number of three goal Hat Tricks he had during this career.  His first career GHHT was against fellow GHHT Legend Brendan Shanahan.  His GHHT against Vincent Lecavalier was in the Stanley Cup finals.  On January 10, 2012, Jarome and Adam Henrique pulled off the rare double GHHT.  They fought each other and also both had a GHHT that night.  It was fitting that Jarome's last GHHT was against his old team, the Calgary Flames.

12001-01-21CGYDETW1345Brendan ShanahanFAG
22001-10-10CGY@DETW12317Darren McCartyFAG
32003-03-18CGY@LAKW1125Sean AveryAGF
42003-10-25CGY@EDMW1237Cory CrossAFG
52004-05-29CGYTBLW1125Vincent LecavalierFAG
62005-11-10CGY@PHXW1235Keith BallardAGF
72007-12-01CGYCBJL-OT1125Ole-Kristian TollefsonFGA
82008-02-05CGYPHXW1125Ed JovanovskiFAG
92008-10-14CGYCOLW1125Cody McCormickFGA
102010-01-30CGYEDMW2245Sheldon SourayAGF
112012-01-10CGYNJDW1237Adam HenriqueAFG
122017-03-29LAK@CGYW1125Deryk EngellandFGA