Monday, September 17, 2012

2008-09: Season in Review

  The 2008-09 season had 20 Gordie Howe Hat Tricks.  Corey Perry had two GHTs, one in the regular season and one in the play-offs.  Fourteen players had their first career GHT.  Brent Seabrook capped off his first career GHT by scoring the game winner in overtime.  Teams who had a player go Gordie won 80% of their games.  In one of the losses, the Toronto Maple Leafs had two players, Jamal Mayers and Luke Schenn both get a Gordie Howe Hat Trick, but the Leafs still lost the game, 8-5 vs the Philadelphia Flyers.  There were 69 three goal Hat Tricks in the NHL in 2008-09.

Corey Perry12/05/2009ANADETMike Comrie29/12/2008NYI@NYR
Ryan Getzlaf27/04/2009ANASJSJamie Langenbrunner12/12/2008NJDNYR
Luke Schenn03/04/2009TOR@PHIMaxim Lapierre04/12/2008MTLNYR
Jamal Mayers03/04/2009TOR@PHIShawn Horcoff29/11/2008EDM@STL
Zdeno Chara31/03/2009BOSTBLBrandon Dubinsky24/11/2008NYRPHX
Brent Seabrook27/03/2009CHINJDTroy Brouwer09/11/2008CHICGY
Paul Gaustad27/03/2009BUFTORRyane Clowe04/11/2008SJSMIN
Shea Weber28/02/2009NSHDETCorey Perry25/10/2008ANA@MTL
David Clarkson28/02/2009NJDFLAIan Laperriere23/10/2008COLEDM
Chris Stewart21/01/2009COLLAKJarome Iginla14/10/2008CGYCOL

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1992-93: Season in Review

  You'd have to assume there would be more Gordie Howe Hat Tricks in 1992-93 as opposed to recent seasons.  That was back when the NHL entertained with lots of hits and lots of fights.  There were 35 GHTs in 92-93.  Three players tied for the league led with two Gordie Howe Hat Tricks; Rick Tocchet, Rob Pearson and Rob Brind'Amour.  Brind'Amour had two career Gordie Howe Hat Tricks, both in the 92-93 season.  Steve Yzerman had a 5 point night when he grabbed his Gordie Howe Hat Trick.  Both Yzerman and Rob Blake were a fight away from a Double GHT; 2 goals, 2 assists, 2 fights.  Teammates, Chris Chelios and Steve Smith, pulled off a Double-D GHT, when both defencemen got a GHT in the same game.  There were three games which two players achieved a GHT.  Teams with a GHT were 26-6-3, good for a .831 win percentage.  There were 112 three goal hat tricks in 1992-93, more than twice as many when compared to 2011-12.

  Perhaps the most surprising name not on the list is the modern day leader in Gordie Howe Hat Tricks, Brendan Shanahan.  Shanahan cut back on his fighting in 1992-93, fighting only once and recording zero Gordie Howe Hat Tricks in 1992-93.

Dallas Drake03/04/1993DETVANMike Peluso08/01/1993OTT@NJD
Kevin Stevens28/03/1993PIT@WSHBrad May31/12/1992BUFNYR
Rob Pearson27/03/1993TOR@EDMRod Brind'Amour26/12/1992PHI@WSH
Eric Lindros25/03/1993PHISJSKeith Tkachuk21/12/1992WINSJS
Bob Bassen13/03/1993STLMNSDana Murzyn18/12/1992VANSJS
Glen Wesley06/03/1993BOSSTLSteve Yzerman05/12/1992DET@TBL
Neil Brady04/03/1993OTT@LAKSteve Thomas28/11/1992NYIPHI
Andrei Kovalenko02/03/1993QUE@WINBob Probert25/11/1992DETSTL
John Cullen27/02/1993TOR@LAKRick Tocchet23/11/1992PIT@NYR
Kris King23/02/1993WIN@OTTSteve Chiasson23/11/1992DETTBL
Todd Ewen03/02/1993MTLLAKRick Tocchet17/11/1992PITBUF
Marty McSorley30/01/1993LAKCHITom Fitzgerald14/11/1992NYIBUF
Brad Dalgarno26/01/1993NYINJDWayne Presley14/11/1992BUF@NYI
Rob Blake26/01/1993LAKSJSJeff Norton12/11/1992NYI@PHI
Chris Chelios17/01/1993CHITORKevin Dineen12/11/1992PHINYI
Steve Smith17/01/1993CHITORRob Pearson24/10/1992TORSJS
Gary Roberts14/01/1993CGY@PHIRod Brind'Amour15/10/1992PHINYI
Nick Kypreos10/01/1993HARMTL

Saturday, July 14, 2012

2009-10: Season in Review

 The 2009-10 season marked the last time a player had multiple Gordie Howe Hat Tricks in a single season, as Chris Stewart had two GHTs, including a natural GHT.  Overall, there were 18 Gordie Howe Hat Tricks.  Ian Laperriere got his 5th career GHT in his final season.  9 players got thier first career GHT, including enforcers Dan Carcillo, Jared Boll and Brian McGratton.   On March 9th, 2010, Ryan Getzlaf and Fedor Tyutin, fought each.  The fight gave Tyutin a Natural GHT and it kicked off Getzlaf's GHT.  Teams that had a player with a GHT, won 13 and lost 5.  There were 73 three goal hat tricks that season.

Chris Neil06/04/2010FLARick Nash23/01/2010MIN
Taylor Pyatt27/03/2010COLBrandon Dubinsky19/01/2010TBL
Fedor Tyutin09/03/2010ANAJason Chimera13/01/2010FLA
Ryan Getzlaf09/03/2010CBJIan Laperriere12/01/2010DAL
David Booth03/03/2010PHIZack Stortini09/12/2009TBL
Daniel Carcillo02/03/2010TBLChris Stewart02/12/2009FLA
Chris Stewart08/02/2010STLJared Boll23/11/2009NYR
Mike Knuble07/02/2010PITFrancois Beauchemin14/11/2009CGY
Jarome Iginla30/01/2010EDMBrian McGrattan16/10/2009VAN

Sunday, July 8, 2012

When a GHT isn't a GHT

  For a Gordie Howe Hat Trick to be official, a player needs to do three things in the same game; score a goal, get an assist and be accessed a fighting penalty. The first two tasks are subject to the decision of an official off-ice NHL scorekeeper. A goal could be given or taken away if the puck was tipped. Assists are often the subject of debate, especially those pesky second assists on a goal. Accessing a fighting major or not, is left in the hands of the on-ice officials. Review the video below and try to confirm if Claude Giroux scored a Gordie Howe Hat Trick or not.

  It may seem pretty obvious. First he fights, then he scores and then he completes it with an assist. Except a quick review of the boxscore of that game and you may notice that Giroux had a total of 4 PIM in that game. He got all 4 PIM during the "fight" in the above video; 2 for elbowing and 2 for roughing.  Therefore, Giroux does not get credit for a Gordie Howe Hat Trick in that game.  In a way, Giroux, and the Flyers, are lucky Giroux didn't get a fighting major.  It would have been the second fight on the play and it would have resulted in a game misconduct for Giroux.  He would have left the game with no goals, no assists and one fight.  Giroux would have to wait almost three years before he'd get an official GHT.  Deja Vu.  It was game 3 in a 1st round play-off series vs the Pittsburgh Penguins, played in Philadelphia.

Friday, June 29, 2012

2012 HHOF: Did they GHT?

  The Hockey Hall of Fame announced its newest members on June 26th, 2012.  While the four players inducted are no brainers when it comes to their scoring skills, but the question on this blogger's mind is, how many Gordie Howe Hat Tricks did they get.

  Pavel Bure scored 437 careers goals in a career shortened by knee injuries.  A man with incredible hands and blistering speed, Bure is not known for playing rough.  Bure scoring a goal?  No problem.  An assist?  Not as likely as a goal, but still, no problem.  Bure getting into a fight?  Problem.  Pavel Bure was never accessed a five minute major for fighting in his career.  The closest Bure ever came was on December 18th, 1992 during a line brawl against the San Jose Sharks.  He did rack up 4 assists that night, but no goals.  

  Adam Oates led the league in assists three times, including back-to-back seasons while on the cusp of age 40.  Oates played set-up man to some of the leagues top snipers, Hull, Shanahan, Neely, and Bondra.  Oates was one of the best playmakers of the 1990s.  Oates came into the league in the 1985-86 season and had all of his career fighting majors, 2, in the 1986-87 season.  1987-88 is the first season I can access to boxscores, so I can't check to see if Oates also had a goal and an assist in those two games.  In 86-87 Oates scored 15 goals and 32 assists.  So the data for Oates is inconclusive.  *Update*  I have reviewed the boxscores of 1986-87, and Oates did not get a GHHT.

  Joe Sakic was considered, by most, to be a sure bet on the 2012 ballot, his first year of HHOF eligibility.  Ranked 9th on the career points list, Sakic consistently put up star numbers throughout his career.  Sakic's trophy case is well stocked, as he won two Stanley Cups, a Conn Smythe, a Lady Byng and a Hart trophy.  Gentleman Joe is considered one of the classiest players from his generation.  On March 20th, 1999, Sakic got 2/3rds of the Gordie Howe Hat Trick on one play, scoring a goal and winning by decision against Doug Gilmour.  Sakic would pot another goal in the game but would not collect an assist.  That was the closest Sakic got to a GHT.

  Mats Sundin Is the only player inducted from the 2012 HHOF class that had over 100 PIM in a single season.  He had 103 in 1991-92.  While statistically, Sundin had his best seasons during his brief career as a Quebec Nordique, his consistency with the Leafs made him HHOF worthy, albeit debatable.  With the exception of the lock-out season of 1994-95, Sundin scored 70+ points in every NHL season other than his first and last.  While Sundin was a large player, 6-5, 230lbs, he was not a physical player.  He had two career fight, but no Gordie Howe Hat Tricks.

  The Gordie Howe Hat Trick total for the 2012 class is zero official GHT, and two incomplete due to insufficient data.  For fans of the GHT, the big story was who was left off the ballot, Brendan Shanahan, 17 career GHTs, Eric Lindros, 6, and Jeremy Roenick, 5.  Add those three to the new group of first year elgible players in 2013, Chelios, 2+, Tkachuk, 10,and there's a good chance the 2013 HHOF group will help represent the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2010-11: Season in Review

  There were 16 GHTs in the 2010-11 season, including one in the play-offs.  13 players recorded their 1st GHT.  Pavel Datsyuk got his first GHT on his first regular season fight in his career.  Ryan White's first career goal propelled him to his first career GHT.  Taylor Hall's first GHT was also his first career fight, which led to his first career season-ending injury.  Teams that had a player "Go Gordie" were a perfect 16-0 in those games.

Kevin Bieksa18/05/2011VANSJSBrent Burns18/01/2011MIN@EDM
Nathan Horton04/05/2011BOSPHIScott Hartnell11/01/2011PHI@BUF
Dan Boyle04/04/2011SJSLAKBrandon Dubinsky12/12/2010NYRWSH
Ryane Clowe26/03/2011SJS@PHXRyan Callahan15/11/2010NYR@PIT
Ryan White20/03/2011MTL@MINBrandon Yip06/11/2010COLDAL
Taylor Hall03/03/2011EDMCBJMilan Lucic19/10/2010BOS@WSH
James van Riemsdyk15/02/2011PHI@TBLKris Versteeg09/10/2010TOROTT
Travis Hamonic11/02/2011NYIPITPavel Datsyuk08/10/2010DETANA

Monday, June 18, 2012

2011-12: Season in Review

  In the 2011-12 NHL season, there were 25 Gordie Howe Hat Tricks, including 2 in the Play-offs.  There were 54 Hat Tricks of the 3 goal variety last season, making the Gordie Howe Hat Trick the rarer event.  If you're in the guessing mood, then try to name all 25 Gordie Howe Hat Trick achievers from the 2011-12 season.  Otherwise, check in after the break.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Gordie Howe Hat Trick

One Goal.  One Assist.  One Fight.  All in one Game.  That is known as a Gordie Howe Hat Trick.  Gordie Howe, nicknamed Mr. Hockey, was the complete player during his career, a professional career that spanned 34 years.  Howe led the NHL in scoring six times and ranks 3rd all-time in career points.  He was also known for his elbows and his toughness.  The origin of the term "Gordie Howe Hat Trick" is unknown.  It gained popularity during the 1990s and wasn't officially tracked until the 1996-97 NHL season.  The legend himself, Mr. Howe, only has two recorded Gordie Howe Hat Tricks during his career.  Still, it is a fitting tribute to one the leagues best and toughest players, Gordier Howe.
  The goal of this blog will be highlight recent Gordie Howe Hat Tricks and celebrate ones from the past.