Friday, December 19, 2014

Season in Review: 2008-09

  There were 20 GHHTs in 2008-09.  Corey Perry was the only player to have more than one.  Perry had one in the regular season, and one during the play-offs.  There were three nights with two GHHTs, twice by players in different games, and once by teammates.  The teammates were Luke Schenn and Jamal Mayers, who both got a GHHT in a losing cause for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  David Clarkson earned himself a GHHT and then a few weeks later was the fight opponent for Brent Seabrook`s GHHT.  Teams with GHHTs were 16-4, including 2-0 in the play-offs.

Corey PerryRW12/05/2009ANADETW11217AGFBrian Rafalski
Ryan GetzlafC27/04/2009ANASJSW1127FAGJoe Thornton
Luke SchennD03/04/2009TOR@PHIL1125FGAScott Hartnell
Jamal MayersRW03/04/2009TOR@PHIL1125FAGAndrew Alberts
Zdeno CharaD31/03/2009BOSTBLW1127FGAEvgeny Artyukhin
Paul GaustadC27/03/2009BUFTORW11210AGFJamal Mayers + Pavel Kubina
Brent SeabrookD27/03/2009CHINJDW1125FAGDavid Clarkson
David ClarksonRW28/02/2009NJDFLAW1127AGFNick Tarnasky
Shea WeberD28/02/2009NSHDETW1125AFGAndreas Lilja
Chris StewartRW21/01/2009COLLAKL1127FAGSean O'Donnell
Mike ComrieC29/12/2008NYI@NYRL1125FAGNigel Dawes
Jamie LangenbrunnerRW12/12/2008NJDNYRW1127AGFRyan Callahan
Maxim LapierreC04/12/2008MTLNYRW1125AGFPetr Prucha
Shawn HorcoffC29/11/2008EDM@STLW1235FAGDavid Backes
Brandon DubinskyC24/11/2008NYRPHXW1125FGADaniel Carcillo
Troy BrouwerRW09/11/2008CHICGYW1125AFGBrandon Prust
Ryane CloweRW04/11/2008SJSMINW1127AGFEric Reitz
Corey PerryRW25/10/2008ANA@MTLW1237AFGFrancis Bouillon
Ian LaperriereRW23/10/2008COLEDMW11217GAFZac Stortini
Jarome IginlaRW14/10/2008CGYCOLW1125FGACody McCormick

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