Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Career GHHTs: Brian Sutter

  Brian Sutter is among the career leaders in Gordie Howe Hat Tricks.  Sutter racked up 17 GHHTs in his career.  He also had a rare Dual Hat Trick on November 16, 1982 against the New jersey Devils, scoring 3 goals, an assist and a fight - all in the same game.  He had 2 GHHTs in a single play-off series, including one in game 5, in a best of 5 series, against the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1982.  Sutter's best season was in 1982-83, he scored 46 goals, 76 points, 254 PIM and 3 GHHTs.  Sutter played his entire career with the St. Louis Blues, scoring 303 goals, 636 points, 1786 PIM in 779 games.  He also added 21 goals, 42 points, 249 PIM in 65 play-off games.

05/04/1978STL@LAKW11212Mike Murphy + Dave TaylorAFG
16/01/1979STLBosW1125Terry O'ReillyFGA
30/01/1979STLLAKW1237Randy HoltGFA
09/10/1979STL@VanW11212John Hughes + Lars LindgenFAG
11/04/1981STL@PitW11211George FergusonFGA
14/04/1981STLPitW1125Randy CarlyleFGA
30/12/1981STL@TorW1127Bob McGillGAF
11/04/1982STLWinW2249Dave Babych (NFM)GFA
16/11/1982STLNJDW3149Garry HowattAFG
23/12/1982STLTorW1125Barry MelroseFGA
12/02/1983STLNJDW11217Yvon VautourGAF
03/01/1984STLTorW2247Stewart GavinAFG
18/03/1984STL@WshW1127Bob GouldFAG
14/10/1984STL@LAKW1347Terry RuskowskiFAG
04/04/1985STLNYRL1125Mark PavelichFAG
02/11/1985STLDetT21311Joey KocurGAF
26/12/1985STLChiW1127Jerry DupontFAG

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