Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Career GHHTs: Keith Tkachuk

  Keith Tkachuk was one of the premier power forwards during the 1990s.  Tkachuk led the league in goals in 1996-97 with 52.  He also accumulated 228 PIM; making him the the fourth, and so far, last player to have over 50 goals and 200 PIM in a single season.  Tkachuk had all of his 10 career GHHTs with the Winnipeg/Phoenix franchise.  In 1998-99 Tkachuk had three GHHTs, including one during the play-offs.  Twice, Tkachuk had his fight of his GHHT, immediately after assisting on a goal.  Once versus Jayson More, and then a few years later against Petr Svoboda. 

1028-318LW09/02/2001PHXEDMW1125GFAEric Brewer
928-208LW22/10/2000PHX@EDMT1127GAFJason Smith
827-028LW25/04/1999PHX@STLW1127FGARicard Persson
727-004LW01/04/1999PHX@CGYW1127FGADenis Gauthier
626-256LW09/12/1998PHXMTLW11217AGFAlain Nasreddine
524-287LW09/01/1997PHXDETL1127AFGJamie Pushor
423-360LW22/03/1996WINPHIW13415GAFPetr Svoboda
322-301LW23/01/1995WINCHIW11215GAFSteve Smith (NFM)
221-247LW30/11/1993WIN@LAKW1345FAGDoug Houda
120-268LW21/12/1992WINSJSW1235AFGJayson More

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