Sunday, December 21, 2014

Career GHHTs: Rick Tocchet

 By most accounts, mine included,  Rick Tocchet accumulated the most career Gordie Howe Hat Tricks of any player, including Stan Mikita.  Tocchet earned GHHTs with five different franchises, including nine with the Philadelphia Flyer.  Tocchet's best year for GHHTs 1986-87, when he had three GHHTs.  All 18 of Tocchet's GHHTs were during the regular season.  He averaged a GHHT every 64 games but yet never got one during 143 play-off games.  For his career, Tocchet scored 440 goals, 952 points and 2972 PIM.  Tocchet was the quintessential power forward.  A player who could score, but who would also physically intimidate the opposing team, just like Goride Howe.

1816/12/2000PHINJDW1235GAFRandy McKay
1701/04/1998PHX@MDAW1125FGADavid Karpa
1619/12/1997PHX@MDAW1239FAGDavid Karpa
1512/10/1996BOS@SJSW1125FGAAl Iafrate
1422/01/1995LAKEDML1129GFAKelly Buchberger
1306/11/1993PIT@LAKL1127AGFRob Murphy
1223/10/1993PITSTLT1127GAFGarth Butcher
1123/11/1992PIT@NYRW1237AFGKris King
1017/11/1992PITBUFW2135AGFBrad May
918/02/1991PHICHIW1127AFGDave Manson
823/11/1990PHITORW11217GAFLuke Richardson
711/11/1989PHI@NJDW2247GAFKen Daneyko
604/12/1988PHINJDW1129AGFClaude Loiselle
515/01/1987PHIMTLW1125FGADavid Maley
403/01/1987PHI@WshW1127GFAKevin Hatcher
316/10/1986PHIVanW1125FAGMichel Petit
209/03/1986PHI@NYRW1125AGFGeorge McPhee
105/01/1985PHI@StlW1235GAFJim Pavese

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