Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Career GHHTs: Wilf Pairment

  Wilf Paiement was a Gordie Howe Hat Trick machine.  Racking up 16 career Gordie Howe Hat Tricks, including one during the play-offs in 1982.  He had a GHHT with five different teams, a possible record.  His most prolific days were with the Quebec Nordiques, including five during the 1984-85 season.  In that season he had back-to-back GHHTs and also twice against Torrie Robertson.

07/02/1976KCS@WshW1127Nelson Pyatt
01/04/1977CLRVANW1127Jack McIlhargey
21/10/1978CLR@STLW1125Brian Sutter
27/02/1979CLR@BOSW1125Bob Miller
05/01/1980TORQUEL1127Barry Legge
02/02/1980TORCBHL1237John Marks
09/11/1980TOR@WPGW2137Morris Lukowich
01/05/1982QUENYIL1239Bob Nystrom
27/03/1983QUE@BUFT21311Paul Cyr
02/01/1985QUEHARW1127Torrie Robertson
04/01/1985QUE@WSHW2135Alan Haworth
16/02/1985QUE@PITW13417Gary Rissling (No Fight major)
13/03/1985QUEMINW1127Gordie Roberts
07/04/1985QUEHARW11222Torrie Robertson (x2)
13/11/1985QUE@CBHL1125Jerry Dupont
08/02/1987BUF@CBHW1237Dave Donnelly

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